From the box of Yellow

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  • Let Me Tell You About the 2nd Time I Almost Died

    It started as a morning, just like any other... the humans arrived for their Saturday morning appointments and I quickly demanded my breakfast. No sooner had I finished and tossed my bowl to the side did I see him. This ...

  • This is What I've Learned

    Things in the world are crazy. My humans come in every day seemingly exhausted from beyond the walls of the clinic that I call home. I don't understand what is going on out there, as I can only catch so much of one conve...

  • It's getting crowded...

    Don't get me wrong. Everyone loves a new kitten. But this place has been new stray kitten after new stray kitten. Maybe it is my insecurity speaking as I was once a stray kitten and ended up getting adopted by St. Franci...

  • Panthers are cats.

    Hello humans (and other nosy cats reading over their shoulders)! Just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the similarities of these Panthers, that keep getting all this attention, and myself. Here are some things that...

  • Greetings from the Box!

    Wow. These computers offer so much more than delicious cords to chew on! No wonder you humans seem so fascinated by them. In the past, I have been content to wander in front of them while my family members work at them (...

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