It started as a morning, just like any other... the humans arrived for their Saturday morning appointments and I quickly demanded my breakfast. No sooner had I finished and tossed my bowl to the side did I see him. This WOLF approaching the reception desk (It was a husky). He trotted in like he owned the place, smiling and smelling, clearly on the hunt for the morsels of my food, or was it me?? I've seen this wolf before, he belongs to one of the humans that work here. He has always made my hair stand up. Unlike the others who come and go, he frightens, if you will. There had been no previous incidents. Maybe there was a look in his eye or the way he licked his lips, but something told me not to make any sudden movements.

So I curled up in the receipts basket, one of my favorite places to lounge and the next thing I knew, there he was and there was I, staring down the snout of the massive beast. He was smelling me from head to toe. This was it, this was the end. My life flashed before my eyes - being born in the wilderness, living in the brush, the first time I almost died, arriving at this place that I now had been a good life, but I am too young to go. Instinct kicked in and I jumped!

OUCH! He got me, man down, man dooooown. I dashed to the corner and screamed as loud as I could for backup - and of course, those humans were nowhere to be found. The beast jumped too, right into his bowl of water! It didn't stop him, he followed me to the corner and I was trapped. Still screaming, I peed. Many of you will think this was out of fear, but I was trying to scare the wolf into did not work. Finally the humans arrived and contained the beast. Did they use tranquilizers? How many of them did it take? (No tranquilizers were used, one human led him away by the collar) They are surely heroes. Have they gotten their medals?

I continued to scream at the humans. I wasn't sure who was friend or foe in that moment. Finally, I let them take me. They began looking me over and they found it, a puncture wound. After careful assessment by the main guy with the white coat (Dr. Cooper) determined I was ok.


Nothing was OK?! I nearly died. They started giving me these disgusting treatments (antibiotics) and luckily here I am today, finally able to tell my story. It was a close call guys and I hope you will use this as a cautionary tale. Wolves and cats don't mix. Let me take that a step further... cats are the rulers of the animal kingdom and deserve to be treated as such. Trusting canines with our lives can go bad very quickly.

I hope through my sacrifice we have all learned a valuable lesson. Less canines, more cats.

Happy to be alive... and staying in my box, safely away from wolves.