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  • Heat Exhaustion/Heat Stroke

    Per request by “Chunk” Brause, this month I am writing about Heat Exhaustion or Heat stroke in dogs. This can occur in cats as well, but usually only on rare occasions when a cat is caught in a dryer and dried with c...

  • Bravecto - July 2019

    This month I am going to discuss Bravecto, the flea and tick preventative that St. Francis Hospital for Animals recommends for all dogs and cats over 6 months of age. The chemical known as fluralaner is the parasite kill...

  • Distemper Vaccine - June 2019

    What is the DHPP vaccine? What is the DHLPP vaccine? How do they differ and why do our dogs need them? What we call the “Distemper” vaccine that we typically give our canine patients is actually a combination vaccin...


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