Wellness Care

At St. Francis Hospital for Animals, we believe that a key factor to keeping your pet healthy and happy is an annual health examination. Annual physical exams help us establish an overall health profile of your pet and are useful for tracking trends and being aware of potential health problems before they become difficult and costly to treat. Regular check-ups can detect disease in the early stages, improving your pet’s ability to fight back.

Our wellness visits focus on preventative medicine based on the specific life stage of your pet. Each patient is assessed individually based on factors such as species, breed, age, and environmental challenges. When your pet comes in for a wellness checkup, he or she will receive a comprehensive physical exam and age-appropriate diagnostics such as blood work, blood pressure screening, checks for parasites, and early signs of disease. An exam is also an excellent time to discuss with us any changes in your pet’s health and behavior.

Our role is to partner with you in the healthcare of your companion pets. It is our goal to educate you on the procedures and medications that are especially beneficial for your pet. This allows us to be more flexible with our recommendations and gives you more control of your pet’s healthcare.

Many diseases that were once fatal to pets can now be prevented through the use of vaccinations. We follow the vaccination requirements set out by the American Animal Hospital Association; however, we understand that every pet may require a different vaccine schedule and can tailor a vaccine regimen to suit your pet.

We also offer recommendations for prevention and nutrition guidelines that are appropriate for your pet’s specific needs. We will develop preventive protocols for your pet regarding the best ways to control fleas and ticks in your house, your yard, and on your pet. We will provide guidance for your pet’s nutritional needs for each life stage, including dietary requirements for growth, weight maintenance, and performance. We can also spay or neuter your pet at the appropriate age, not just to prevent unwanted litters, but to lessen the development of cancer in both genders of dogs and cats.

Whether your pet is a puppy or a kitten, young adult, or senior, come see us at St. Francis Hospital for Animals for your pet health care needs. If you live in the greater Charlotte metropolitan area of North Carolina, we would love to get to know you and your pets and start them on a journey of healthy and happy living.